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this blog is related to the video of me outside my former dentist now that they have de-registered me. Kind of them eh Crazydave? The URL for the 2 videos are http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu_yvuNXvlc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljCYHx-uD5U

Yep I had the letter on Friday the 7th of feb 2008. As I had missed my last two appointments, sorry. You know that they are the only two that I have missed in the 8 yrs of my attending that place. I wonder how many other NHS patients have been de-registered for missing two appointments over an 8 year period?

I still remember my first visit there, with a nerve still exposed from the previous dentist I had perform his daring do well, on my mouth. Seems that they are doing very nicely at the moment out of the NHS to be able to afford the upkeep, what with new roof and pebble dashed walls n all.

Well you can see what the standard is from the two videos. Sorry about the up close quality, or what an ugly geezer I am, but then ‘In the absence of that which is not, that which is, is not’ as Mr. Walsch likes to say (see Neale Donald Walsch book for more on that) In the absence of ugly blokes there could not be handsome ones in this instance.

I sometimes wonder when I never see other people with teeth the state that mine are in whether or not the NHS target certain people for minimum treatment. You know they have a special code number or something that equates to do as little as possible for this Turkey.

Since being de-registered I’ve put in for a freedom of information request as to how much this practice has charged the NHS for my treatment since 1999, one out of idle curiosity the other is that I asked for a breakdown in charges. But as the Dental Hospital has still not responded to my complaint. (see previous blog) The likely hood of that occurring is minimal. I ask for such awkward things??? I don’t think so. However, later in the week, or next or the one after, I will chase it up. For all you, who come after me.

What I would like to know is what was all the point to all those re-fill of filling about, what was the point in all that root canal work if in the end they had to remove the teeth? What was the point in the dentures that they had made for me, that in two months of them making it another tooth had to be remove that was holding the whole thing in place.

Were told often enough that we are the 4th richest economy in the world. I sure doesn’t look like that looking at my mouth does it. Wouldn’t it have been more economical and better for the patient, if all those fillings all that root canal work, were made history and implants fitted a.s.a.p. As with anything the more that you do the cheaper it gets. But then all the dentist would be crying, but what about all the money we’d be losing by not doing fillings anymore. Especially for those they know who are likely to suffer from gum disease those cannabis users those crack cocaine smokers etc.

Maybe then you wouldn’t have the disadvantaged running around with teeth like mine.

But what about us who are making all those fancy dentures (see video 2) Well maybe they might just retrain you all in making perfect replicas or brand new shaped replacements to be implanted. You will have the size from the casts that the dentist like to make of patients mouths, wouldn’t you. Also wouldn’t you have the benefit of knowing that your work was for the long term benefit of the patient rather than the short term junk that your currently making. Very pritty junk, very nice contrast of wire and plastic, very ‘have to make another one of these soon, cos that ain’t gonna last long the way his gums are going’ rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of another wage packet full of reddies.

So let’s relate the reason why were peeved at having any more x-rays shall we. It’s not clear on the video but my bottom two teeth on the left have virtually given up the ghost. So I went to see about having them out. An x-ray of them was taken, I mean how many times do they have to x-ray your mouth for crying out loud. I’ve had more mouth x-rays than I care to count, I’ve had full mouth x-rays, I’ve had this tooth here that tooth there x-rays, how often do they blinking well have to do of them, is what I am asking. When you swop dentist don’t your records go back to the Health Authority so that they can then send them to the new dentist, so that your dental history is there for the new dentist, and they don’t have to do a full mouth x-ray again, because they have you old records????????????

When I got home that night I had a bag of crisp, only to discover that I had ulcers on the inside of my mouth that I didn’t have the night before, and yes you’ve guessed it the only place those ulcers were on the inside of my inner mouth wall was where the x-ray had been aimed at, again I say there are no coincidences. That’s right the early philosophers said look at the observable evidence in order to gain insight and wisdom, after all apples when leaving a tree do not fly up into the sky do they, ergo something must be attracting them to the ground.

What had caused the ulcers? Was it the crisps? Then why weren’t they all over my mouth? Why is it that they were not there the day before? that they weren’t there prior to the dentist visit? Yet not a few hours later they were? What is the only different thing that might possibly have caused it, zapped by x-ray!

Given that the treatment or lack of it given the video evidence, let say the least possible treatment appears to have been given me by the NHS dentist, is there any likely hood that there could have been a similar lack of care on the hand that set the dial for the x-ray machine??? One wonder’s doesn’t one Crazydave. ‘One does indeed’.

OH after you’ve been in the hands of so many abusers, so many criminally negligent professionals you almost get to expect it, and they do their little deeds with that angelic little smile ‘I received your letter Dave’ Said Dr. Gibbon smilingly with the full intention of doing sweet F. A. about it, one time when I attended a health n social services committee meeting way back when they were in the old building and he was the new Health n Social Services Minister. (I am still waiting for the day he will be struck off the medical register for his part in the Criminal Negligence of me and other vulnerable adults, with respect to our health n welfare).

Finally one other suggestion, I’ve probably made it before dentistry dudes but just in case. When a patient comes to you with an infected tooth rather than just prescribe anti-biotics in order to get rid of the infection before removing the tooth, maybe you would consider draining the infection out of the effected area so that patients don’t have to suffer the unbelievable pain infections can cause, before the anti-biotics kick in and clear the infection. Either through drawing it off with a syringe, or taking out the tooth and letting it drain that way.

‘I guess a few of them will have to suffer the kind of pain your talking about before they would recommend such treatment eh Crazydave?’ They sure would.

Well I’ve been a little cash cow for the surgery long enough huh. I wonder how much they have screwed out of the system since I became a patient of theirs??? Not enough I hear them cry.

Oh and as to why didn’t you attend those two appointments? Maybe its because I didn’t have anyone to remind me. Maybe its because I just clean forgot with all the other stuff I’ve been dealing with. Partly the last time was because I didn’t want the I don’t want another x-ray again thank you very much argument, of the toothless root or she wouldn’t extract it repeat of the Dental Hospital. Or was it that by the time the appointment came around the gum had grown over partially after all it had been in a state over the xmas period. Or was it because, it was the first nice day in ages and I got on with the front garden, things that needed doing and got carried away by the sheer pleasure of making it lovely.

Does it really matter now? Can you honestly say Mr. First Minister that you are content with the standard of dental care in Wales that my mouth exhibits? Or that the questions I raise, about the waste of financial resource’s given to all these fillings and root canal work would be better put in having long term implants put into patients mouths.

How long are implants guaranteed to last for in the private sector??? Would the savings made on no-longer wasting money on fillings, offset the total cost of and implant? How much does the NHS spend on making those temporary dentures shown in my video????

Now Health Minister, do you think you can chase up the Dental Hospital and get them to answer the questions raised in my complaint?????????????



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